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Florida Rock Industries, Inc. Petition. 

Update: Mining Operations Continue
Florida Rock Industries continues to mine in both the north plant and south plant, which is adjacent to our Airpark.  Property owners wishing to voice their concerns about any of the operations must do so by contacting Saint Lucie County's Engineering department and/or the County Commissioners by phone or fax.  All complaints/concerns are logged. See end of this section for appropriate numbers.
Update: see Newsletter Page with approved permit conditions
Our neighbor to the south and west Florida Rock has petitioned the St. Lucie County Commission to amend its operating permit to allow it to crush rock from 4:00 A.M. until 12:00 A.M.
We need everyone to attend a public meeting on April 6, 2004 at 6:00 P.M. to oppose the petition. At a minimum if you can't attend sign the petition and write a letter to the commission. Their address is 2300 Virginia Avenue, Ft. Pierce, Florida 34982, Fax number is (772) 462-2131.
Update from  Kenworthy Geoffrey :

Subject: RE: Property Values In Jeopardy!

Unfortunately, I will be out of town Friday through Saturday evening.  However,  I can report that after an extensive discussion with Michael Powley (County Engineer)  this morning, our concerns are well founded.

The information we all received in the mail was somewhat misleading as it spoke of the entrance to the mine off of Glades Cut Off Road (which is true).  However, what we all need to understand is that the mine property runs continuously Southward from Glade Cut Off Road down to the South entrance of the Ft. Pierce Quarry which is adjacent to Treasure Coast (entrance on Range Line Road).What the mine operators have petitioned for is an exception (revision) to their current permit to crush rock at the same hours that they are permitted  to drag-line rock, which is currently 0400-2400. Apparently, when they first requested their permits (almost 20 years ago) the hours of drag-lining was 20 hours/day and rock crushing was and is currently 12 hours/day. Hence, the petition to increase crushing time to coincide with drag-line times of operation. What needs to be understood by all our neighbors is that this operation is mobile, it is somewhat larger than a semi-trailer and can be located anywhere the rock is being excavated (wherever the operator wishes to dig!). If approved, this additional operation will clearly will have a negative impact on our community and the quality of life we all cherish, not to mention the sleep depravation and associated problems with a 20 hour/day mining operation.

Our neighbors need to know and take a stand against this! If we are fortunate enough to convince the County to deny this petition, we still face future petitions from Ft. Pierce Quarry, as their original 20 year permit will expire 1 October 2004. At that time (or sooner) they will petition for a new permit which undoubtedly will have far reaching hours of operation.

This is serious!!! Please pass to as many of our neighbors as you can we are almost out of time! The meeting is this coming Tuesday evening.

Thank you! Geoff 4/1/2004.

Letter from Vincent Brocklebank to the County Commission


Thursday, April 01, 2004



Board of County Commissioners

St. Lucie County, Florida

2300 Virginia Avenue

Ft. Pierce, Florida  34983


Dear Commissioners:


My purpose in writing is to speak against the petition by Florida Rock Industries, Inc to extend their rock crushing hours of operation from 6:00 A.M. 6:00 P.M.  to 4:00 A.M. 12:00 A.M.  I received a notice of the petition from Mr. Michael Powley, County Engineer dated March 4, 2004.


Please read my comments into the record as I will not be present at the scheduled meeting of April 6, 2004, due to my work schedule.


I live in a residential community of 100 lots about 200 yards east of the area described in the mining permit. In addition the entrance road into the mining area off of S.R. 609 is about 100 yards from my property.


Every morning at 6:00 A.M., sometimes before, the noise from the mining operation starts. Depending on the wind direction and temperature the noise can be intolerable. The county engineer can explain to the Board how they effect noise transmission.  I live in a well insulated house with thermo pane insulated windows and I can hear the noise.


My other concern is S.R. 609 is breaking up due to the number of dump trucks and their weight.  The road does not appear to be designed to carry the load it is being subjected to.

When it rains the rain does not run off the road but collects in pools along the right hand side of the road in both directions.  This pooling causes a hydroplaning danger. Additionally, the trucks drive in excess of the speed limit causing additional dangers.


My suggestion to the board is three fold. Number One, have the mining operation buy an additional crusher, whereby they can increase their capacity without extending the operational hours.  Number Two; have the mining operation place the crushers at a location and elevation where the residential communities around the mine area can not hear the noise. Number Three; Open an access road from Glades Cutoff Road, decreasing the traffic on S.R. 609.


Thank you for considering my objections to the increased hours of operation as proposed in their original petition.



Very truly yours




Vincent Brocklebank



From Geoff Kenworthy: 3/25/04.  I am amazed at what seems to be a lack of concern regarding the  attached announcement from our County Commissioners (please see attached PDF). In summary, the quarry operations adjacent to Treasure Coast Airpark  have petitioned the County to expand their operations from the present 12 hours/day to 20 hours/day! 

If you thought a remote Power Pant could affect property values, what do you think a quarry operation running 20 hours/day will do? This proposal is beyond unacceptable and we all need to say just that at the public hearing scheduled for 6:00 P.M. on April 6, 2004. Will you be there? 

Our quality of life and property values are at stake - please become involved!!!

 Unfortunately, this is a short distribution list and it would be most appreciated if you would pass to others in our community. Thank you.




Randy Opat and Vincent Brocklebank have asked Jane Cornett to attend the commission meeting to represent their concerns. This significant increase in the operation will certainly effect the quality of our lives.  Jane has suggested we have a court repoter present to record the proceeding.  Please let Vince, Monica or Randy know if you are willing to share the cost of the representation.  Jane has suggested that as many people as possible attend. 
Write the commission a letter and copy the county engineer:
The County Commission address and telephone numbers:
Phone  (772) 462-1200
FAX    (772) 262-2131
County Engineer; Michael Powley
Phone (772) 462-1485
FAX   (772) 462-2362